Rising Awareness

I’m crying because I just realized that a prayer of mine has been answered.

I love to write.

I LOVE to write.

I love to write from my soul as clearly and as carefully as I can so that I’ll be understood. I don’t know all of the reasons why it’s important that I be understood, but it is.

I just realized that I have “permission” (only word I can think of now) to take joy in this writing. I have to do it every day, as often as possible because when I do it – when I write from my soul – I feel closer to God than ever before.

It seems that by expressing who I really am to the world, I grow closer to God.

Can it be that easy?

It’s like journaling in public – having the words of your journal roll across the massive screens in a football stadium disclosing all of your private thoughts. But you don’t care that others see it. In fact, it’s a joy not to have any secrets.


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