Mirror, mirror…

Something to tape to my mirror:

What you’re looking at is not you. It’s simply a physical form that can be perceived through a mechanical instrument known as “sight,” yet sight is really nothing more than electrical impulses being interpreted by neurons in your brain. You are much more than a body.

So don’t look in this mirror to either criticize or adore. Instead of looking upon what you see here in front of you with a sense of egoic pride, or with a disrespectful feeling of disdain, REMEMBER: You were never consulted about what this mass of molecules would look like; you didn’t decide whether you’d be male, female, tall, short, light-skinned, dark-skinned, etc. Simply treat this form with the respect that is due to each of God’s other works of art that are roaming the planet.

Why you ask? Why post this on my mirror?

How many of us – women in particular – say anything positive about our own appearance when we look in a mirror? We destroy ourselves; we are our own worst critics.

Perhaps life will be more meaningful if we see each others’ essence as the souls that reside within instead of the outward forms.

So this teaches me to look through all mirrors to find something deeper. Something more meaningful and worthy of my love.


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