Get Rid of Your Phone(s)

Get rid of your cell phones. All of them.

“My God, how could we live?” you say?

You call this insane culture we’re caught up in “living”?

Get rid of all your cell phones and rediscover conversation.

Get rid of your phones and tell someone something about yourself, something that discloses something about who you are that you wouldn’t normally disclose. (And I don’t mean your favorite color. Perhaps you could admit to someone that you sometimes pick your nose when no one’s looking. Whatever. You know what I mean.)

Get rid of your phones and look up at the sky.

Best yet, get rid of your phones and look deeply into the eyes of someone you’ve “known for years” and see if you can find any signs of life. You may be surprised at what you see and the reaction you get from them.

Or, keep the phones and stay “competitive” and “in touch”; continue to pay for a service that is contributing to your neglect of the most important relationships in your life. But don’t forget that tonight you may die. And what will you leave other than photos, emails and text messages?


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