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On The Fall of (One) Man

My Fall – the start of the disintegration of my soul – started at birth when I started learning to wear masks because others told me that parts of myself were not acceptable. And I believed it.

My purpose in life is to reintegrate. To, as Jung suggests, discover and make peace with those parts of my soul that I have come to believe are unacceptable and unlovable.


Did Jesus Die for Us?

We often hear the expression, “Jesus died for you.” If true, and I believe it is, in what sense did he die for us?

Did he die as a blood sacrifice to redeem us from the penalty of sin? No, I can’t accept this for numerous reasons I don’t care to explain here.

I believe he died to show us that death has no hold over any of us.

Why would he do this?

Well, if our greatest fear – death –  is just an illusion, then what further excuse do we have not to live deliberately and authentically, in accordance with our own values, instead of simply blindly following the values of the insane culture we live in?

Full Disclosure

The primary commitment in any marriage is a commitment to the growth of the soul in myself and in my partner which, in my ideal marriage, are closer to being as one – closer to recognizing our oneness – than in any other relationship in my life.

And growth starts with disclosing who we are. My sacred obligation is to take off all my masks and tell you who I am. Yours is to tell me who you are. We can’t drag it out of each other – at least not without producing misunderstandings and resentments.

We must also understand that we are, both of us, dynamic works-in-progress who have changed over the years. Perhaps we have an inner core, so to speak, that hasn’t changed much but most of the rest of us does. We can each be whoever we want to be.

To be known by another person is a joy.