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What’s Behind Our Drug Use?

Our Secretary of State recently identified the U.S. as the biggest contributor to the problem of drug trafficking from Mexico: but for the high demand for drugs here, there would be no trafficking from there (see, e.g., http://www.cnn.com/2017/05/18/politics/tillerson-mexico-drug-trade/).

But the solution that’s once again being run up the flagpole — better-educating the public on the evils of drug use and addiction — misses the mark. When will we finally look at the underlying stress, malaise, anxiety and profound hopelessness that grips our nation — the things that cause people to turn to drugs and suicide. People are looking to escape from a culture that fails to offer any existential meaning to their lives. Meaninglessness is the elephant in the room. Sacrificing meaningful personal relationships in order to work like slaves so that we can buy more meaningless stuff; spending the vast majority of every day plugged into electronic devices — this is the stuff of insanity. When in hell, why not use drugs?